Pickled Red Onions

April 28th, 2021

Prep: 10 minutes

Cooking: 15 minutes, pickling time: 4 hours to overnight

Serves... many?

A super simple recipe for pickled red onions that go great with most foods. The recipe is original from Ethan Chlebowski's pickled red onion video that I've tweaked a bit in terms of the herbs that go in the pickling juice. This recipe should be enough for around a quart sized mason jar - adjust depending on how many onions you have/how big your jars are!

Put this on nearly ANYTHING to add some tang to your meal!

1. Chop the onions

Chop the 1kg of red onions into small strips. To quickly do this, I recommend halving your onion then from one side, chopping diagonally so the blade faces the center of core of the onion.

2. Make your pickling liquid

Combine your 350ml of distilled white vinegar and water (equal parts) into your pot. Add your salt and pickling herbs to the liquid. Bring to a boil and take this liquid off the heat immediately after you reach boiling.

3. Pour your hot pickling liquid onto your onions

Put all your chopped red onions into your mason jar. It may seem like there's not enough space - don't be afraid to compact down your onions a bit to make more room. Once your onions are in the jar, place the mason jar into the sink for pouring (so that you don't splash hot pickling liquid everywhere). Slowly pour in your hot pickling liquid from the pot into the mason jar until the hot liquid covers all the onions. You might have some herbs left over at the bottom of the pot - leave a little room in your mason jar for more pickling liquid, and use a spoon to get all the herbs into the jar.

4. Refrigerate

Now cap your mason jar and throw it in the fridge overnight (or at least 4 hours) for pickling. Remember - you're putting a sealed container full of hot liquid into the fridge - the change in temperature is going to reduce the pressure in the jar, and create a small vacuum. When you open this the next day, the lid may be a bit hard to open due to this vacuum. These onions should be good to sit in your fridge for at least a few months - although they've never lasted more than a week or two for me. Take note, the longer they stay in the pickling liquid, the more tangy and pickled your onions will be!

5. Enjoy!

You can really put these on anything! Here's a collage of a few meals I've added these to. Whenever you need a bit of tang into your meal (to balance out some protein/fat), I highly recommend just adding some of this onto whatever it is you're eating. I've seen people put this on avocado toast, peanut butter (who knew!) etc. Make sure you also utilize the pickling liquid for a nice onion-y zest into whatever might need some acidity - I like to add this pickling liquid into my vinaigrettes for the salads I like to make!

  • Red onions - 1kg or however many (chopped) you can fit in your mason jar (I highly recommend high quality red onions!).
  • Distilled white vinegar - ~350ml (enough to cover half the mason jar after filling with pickles)
  • Water - ~350ml (equal parts with the vinegar)
  • Salt - a dash or two
  • Herbs - whatever you think would go nice in the pickling liquid! I used bay leaves (around 3-4) here and some cracked black pepper (could also go with whole peppercorns)
  • Mason jar (I used a 32oz jar)
  • Pot
  • Chopping board
  • Knife