Ruo Yu (David) Tao

CompSci @ McGill University
Email: ruo.tao "at", david "at"
Resume: here

I'm an undergraduate computer science student at McGill University in my 3rd year and currently the co-president of the McGill AI Society. Previously, I was a research intern at Microsoft Research Montreal working on reinforcement learning for text-based games. I'm also a research collaborator in the group.

My current research interests lie in curiosity mechanisms and abstract representations in a reinforcement learning context. More on this to come next semester - if you're interested in collaborating on something shoot me an email!

Projects and experience

I am a collaborator in the research group, currently working on reinforcement learning problems. If you're interested in machine learning research with a group of motivated individuals, please reach out to either me or check out our website!

Microsoft Research Montreal

During my time at Microsoft Research, I worked on reinforcement learning and natural language problems. I was advised by Marc-Alexandre Côté and Layla El Asri on projects including:

  • Adaptive text action spaces: see the below paper!

  • TextWorld: a reinforcement learning framework for agents to learn text-based games.


Towards Solving Text-based Games by Producing Adaptive Action Spaces

Ruo Yu Tao, Marc-Alexandre Côté, Xingdi Yuan, Layla El Asri

Accepted for oral presentation for WordPlay NeurIPS 2018



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